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Questions Answers
C₃H₈ is the molecular formula for… Propane
During COMBUSTION reactions, carbon and hydrogen species in the fuels are… Oxidised
The SMALLER HYDROCARBON molecules derived from the fractional distillation of CRUDE OIL will have… LOWER boiling points due to WEAKER intermolecular forces
Which of these does NOT readily react with ALKENES? Nitrogen
Alkanes are saturated ---(1)---, and therefore the bonds between the carbon atoms are all ---(2)--- bonds. 1: hydrocarbons; 2: single
A BENEFIT derived from the CRACKING of long-chain ALKANE molecules is that… [N.B. Does the answer say alkane or alkene?] we can create more useful (SHORTER) ALKANES, such as PETROL molecules
The number of COVALENT BONDS that CARBON can form is… 4
Which of these compounds could be a monomer for a CONDENSATION polymer? Diaminopropane
The prefix “meth-” designates what length of carbon chain? A SINGLE carbon molecule
Monomers of the polymers STARCH and CELLULOSE are both… glucose
The prefix “prop-” designates what length of carbon chain? Three carbon atoms
The number of COVALENT BONDS that CARBON can form is… 4
Complete this reaction of a CARBOXYLIC ACID with a CARBONATE: Butanoic acid + Calcium Carbonate → Calcium BUTANOATE, water and carbon dioxide
CH₃COOH is the structural formula for… Ethanoic acid
There is a HIGH DEMAND for FUELS with ---(1)---, so many products of ---(2)--- are useful as fuels. 1: small molecules; 2: cracking
Alkanes are best described as molecules… with the formula CₓH(2ₓ+2)
The prefix “eth-” designates what length of carbon chain? TWO Carbon atoms
Fractional distillation works by separating compounds within crude oil based on their… boiling point
The formula for PENTENE is… C5H10
The addition reaction of WATER with an ALKENE will form… an ALCOHOL
Different sequences of ---(1)--- can be combined in the same chain to produce ---(2)---. 1: amino acids; 2: proteins
Which of these NATURALLY OCCURRING polymers is NOT important to LIFE? poly(ethylene)
The reaction of a CARBOXYLIC ACID and an ALCOHOL will form… an ester and water
DNA is responsible for… encoding GENETIC INSTRUCTIONS for the development & functioning of LIVING ORGANISMS and viruses
CRACKING is very useful because… it produces SMALLER hydrocarbon chains, which are more EASILY BURNT as fuel
ALKENES are hydrocarbons with ---(1)--- and are generally ---(2)--- REACTIVE than ALKANES. 1: carbon-carbon double bonds; 2: more
Which of the following compounds is a HYDROCARBON? C₃H₈

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