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If the MELTING POINT of hydrogen chloride (HCl) is -115°C and BOILING POINT is -85°C, what STATE is it in at room temperature? Gas
DELOCALISED electrons within metals are ---(1)---, allowing them to carry a ---(2)---, which means that they conduct electricity. 1: free to move; 2: charge
ALLOYS are harder than pure metals because they contain atoms of DIFFERENT sizes. This ---(1)--- the layers, making it ---(2)--- for them to SLIDE over each other. 1: distorts; 2: harder
MAGNESIUM OXIDE has a higher MELTING POINT than SODIUM CHLORIDE because Mg²⁺ and O²⁻ ions form… STRONGER IONIC bonds than Na⁺ and Cl⁻ ions since they are more STRONGLY CHARGED
Which STATE SYMBOL is used to denote a substance DISSOLVED IN WATER? (aq)
The strong ---(1)--- forces between OPPOSITELY charged ions gives IONIC compounds ---(2)--- melting and boiling points. 1: electrostatic; 2: high
Ionic bonding normally occurs between ---(1)--- where the molecules ---(2)---. 1: a metal and a non-metal; 2: are oppositely charged
When a liquid is heated to its boiling point… the particles near the surface have enough energy to ESCAPE by evaporation
Nitrogen gas, which makes up approximately 78% of the atmosphere, has the formula… N2
[TRUE or FALSE?]: Metals are a GIANT structure of positive ions surrounded by electrons. [TRUE]: They are CRYSTAL LATTICE structures with free 'delocalised' electrons
The 'sea' of NEGATIVELY charged delocalised electrons holds the METALLIC structure together because of… their attraction with the POSITIVELY charged atomic lattice
Which of the following statements regarding the properties of METALS is TRUE? They can conduct ELECTRICITY because their DELOCALISED ELECTRONS carry charge
If the MELTING POINT of sodium chloride (NaCl) is 1074°C and BOILING POINT is 1686°C, what STATE is it in at room temperature? Solid
Which STATE SYMBOL is used to denote a SOLID? (s)
Nanoparticles are within the ---(1)--- size range, which equates to ---(2)--- atoms. 1: 1 - 100 nm; 2: a few hundred
Titanium dioxide nanoparticles ---(1)--- light, so they CAN'T be seen, which makes them excellent to use as ---(2)---, as they ABSORB harmful UV rays and leave no visible residue. 1: DO NOT reflect; 2: sunscreen
Ionic Compounds are typically made up of... Metal + a non-metal
NANAOPARTICLES have a ---(1)--- which ---(2)--- of their forces of attraction. 1: HIGH surface area to volume ratio; 2:INCREASES the strengh
DIAMON cannot ---(1)--- because it has no free electrons; they are all used to form covalent bonds with ---(2)--- other carbon atoms. 1: conduct electricity; 2: FOUR
Oxygen gas, which makes up approximately 21% of the atmosphere, has the formula... 02

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