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NEON has 2 isotopes of differing mass in different proportions [²⁰Ne - 91%, ²²Ne - 9%]. Which of these demonstrates how we calculate its relative atomic mass (Ar) in g/mol? [(91 x 20) + (9 x 22)] ÷ 100 = 20.2
Which of these statements about TRANSITION ELEMENTS is FALSE? [All of these are false]
Which of these metals will react with COLD WATER? [All of these]
Which of these statements about TRANSITION ELEMENTS is TRUE? Transition elements make COLOURED compounds


Transition elements or their compounds OFTEN act as CATALYSTS

COPPER based compounds generally tend to have a… BLUE colour
Dimitri Mendeleev was able to accurately predict the PROPERTIES of undiscovered elements because… of the way he ARRANGED the periodic table and the GAPS in the periods
Sodium (s) + water (l) → sodium hydroxide (aq) + hydrogen (g)
Lithium [ALKALI METAL] + chlorine [HALOGEN] → lithium chloride
Dmitri Mendeleev arranged the PERIODIC TABLE in order of… relative atomic mass (RAM)
If an element is INERT, then it is… Unreactive
The ATOMIC NUMBER of SODIUM is 11. Which of these shows the ELECTRON STRUCTURE of one of its ATOMS? 2,8,1
Noble gases all have a density that is… LOW; they're all gases
Different ISOTOPES of an element have… [All of these]
Elements in the SAME GROUP tend to have similar… Chemical properites
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