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Questions Answers
In TRANSPIRATION, water EVAPORATES from the leaf through microscopic pores known as… Stomata
Factors such as poor diet, smoking and stress can cause the CORONARY arteries to ---(1)---, which causes ---(2)---. 1: be blocked; 2: heart disease
During the CLOTTING process what comes FIRST? PROTHROMBIN comes in contact with the exposed collagen of a cut blood vessel wall forming THROMBIN
The PULMONARY ARTERY transports blood to the… Lungs
The CELLS in BLOOD are suspended in a fluid called… Plasma
After passing through the STOMACH, food then goes to the… Duodenum
Which of these organisms has an OPEN circulatory system? Bee
Deoxygenated blood in the RIGHT ATRIUM is then pumped into the… Right ventricle
CAPILLARIES tend to have which of these qualities? Thin walls to allow DIFFUSION to/from cells
How many circulation systems are there in the body? 2 - one for the lungs and one for the rest of the body
What stimulates the ATRIA to contract and stimulates the AVN? SAN
How is the ROOT HAIR cell ADAPTED to its function? The root hair cell is long and thin, giving it a MAXIMUM SURFACE AREA, which helps when absorbing nutrients and water
CANCER is a ---(1)--- disease, caused by changes in genetic material known as ---(2)---. 1: non communicable; 2: mutations
The "Lock and Key" model describes how enzymes are SPECIFIC to their reactants, as only specific reactants have… the right SHAPE to fit into the enzyme's ACTIVE site
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